Vinicio Bastidas

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The artwork of Vinicio Bastidas contains observations of the vulnerability of human beings as well as of the loss of their original location and thus looks at the transformation of their identities.
Bastidas is a narrator, he tells us his own story about the relationship between man and society.


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Vinicio Bastidas currently lives and works in Berlin.

Researcher and visual artist with a PhD from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, with his doctoral thesis “The unread book. Process of interpretation and rereading of Hermann Hesse's Bildungsroman Steppenwolf from a woodcut book. His research on the artist's book earned the “Excellence” mention with a score of 9.5. He also has a Master's Degree in Artistic Production in the specialty of Contemporary Thought and Visual Culture from the same institution. He has a degree in Plastic Arts, specializing in Painting and Engraving from the Central University of Ecuador. He is a member of the association of German engravers “Bildende Künstler*innen Berlin”, BBK and Co-founder of the Graphic Research and Experimentation Center “Unter Druck” in the city of Berlin.