Vinicio Bastidas

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The artwork of Vinicio Bastidas contains observations of the vulnerability of human beings as well as of the loss of their original location and thus looks at the transformation of their identities.
Bastidas is a narrator, he tells us his own story about the relationship between man and society.


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Vinicio Bastidas currently lives and works in Munich and has been a residence artist at Platform 3, Experimental Space for Contemporary Art since 2009, where he participates at the yearly collective shows, also creating art workshops for children and adults.

Vinicio Bastidas was born in 1971 in Quito, Ecuador. In Quito, he studied Arts and earned his academic degree in Painting and Printmaking in 1998. Highlights of his academic studies include the course "CreativeConsciousness” by Professor Alvares (1997, Quito). He was granted several scholarships for foreign studies (1994 in Mexico and 1997 in France).In 2017 Vinicio Bastidas finished his master degree in Arts at the Arts Faculty of Universidad Politecnica in Valencia, Spain. In December 2017 he was part of the second Conference of Printmaking and Arts Editions in Campeche, Mexico), where he held the speech „El cuerpo disperso“ (Femicide). He is currently working at his doctoral thesis. Since 1990, Bastidas has had numerous exhibitions in Europe and Latin America.